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Awareness requires a brave exploration of our personal dream, from everyday impressions of reality to our deepest, untouched revelations.

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barbarasun-150x150Barbara Emrys has long shared her wisdom with students from around the world, through her writings and in her workshops, offering her own perceptions about the human experience and the art of creating a rewarding life. Her words and teachings awaken the mind and inspire soaring discoveries in true awareness.

Begin the journey back to self-awareness and authenticity. Introduce yourself to this exceptional messenger by exploring the essays and insights available on these pages. Join her ongoing classes and events, and gift yourself and others with books that reflect Barbara’s inspiring presence.

Barbara’s latest book…

The Toltec Art of Life and Death

by don Miguel Ruiz & Barbara Emrys
The Toltec Art of Life and Death is an inspiring account of the life and teachings of don Miguel Ruiz, the author of many best-selling books about self-discovery and a spiritual guide to thousands of apprentices. Before he wrote The Four Agreements, his first global bestseller, he was well known as a shaman and the descendant of a distinguished lineage of spiritual warriors leading back to the Aztec tribes of ancient Mexico. In this literary collaboration with Barbara Emrys, don Miguel tells the story of his life before shamanism and of his a emergence as a master of Toltec wisdom.

Much more than an intriguing look at the history of a wise and passionate man, The Toltec Art of Life and Death offers profound lessons on spiritual awakening and indestructible love. Readers of this rich and entertaining story are invited to dream their lives with new awareness, as they are shown the Toltec warrior’s way back to personal freedom, fulfillment, and authenticity.

HarperCollins Publishers
Available for sale October, 20015
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