Barbara Emrys

About Barbara

aboutBarbara Emrys is a writer and teacher of transformational wisdom called Toltec DreamingSM, based on the philosophy of living life as art. Through her long term workshops and private apprenticeships, she has seen dramatic changes in behavior and perception in students from all points of the world. Through her teaching, her guidance and her love, students learn to take responsibility for their happiness and free will.

It is an act of personal commitment and courage to change the patterns and ways of perceiving that make us what we are, so that we can walk through the dream of our lives fearless and at peace with ourselves. It begins with a willingness to see the things we do and say that keep us afraid and in discomfort. Understanding the beliefs that give birth to such reflex reactions – regardless of our best intentions – makes it possible to change the patterns and redefine ourselves as happy, mentally healthy human beings. Detaching from old ideas of who we thought we were and what we thought our limitations to be makes anything possible. Changing our view of love makes love an effortless and joyous part of our lives.

Barbara’s own journey into awareness began through her tutelage with don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four AgreementsTM and other best selling books on personal development. Barbara and Miguel are now colleagues in teaching, writing and the pursuit of a long term legacy for Toltec Dreaming and a philosophy that has already changed lives worldwide in its most basic applications.