Barbara Emrys

Barbara’s Bio

Born in France as the child of an American diplomatic, Barbara grew up in Europe, Africa and the West Indies. Her writings reflect this diverse cultural upbringing and a personal sense of the universality of human behavior and response. An English and foreign language major in school, she is a conscientious writer, giving her works a clear yet poetic style. As young adult, Barbara had an extensive career as an actress, starring in daytime dramas as well as on stage and in film. She has worked both in front of the camera and as a writer and co-producer.

Mystery School, Lessons in AwarenessTwenty years ago, she interrupted her acting career to raise her son in New Mexico. It was there that she met Miguel Ruiz and began an intense apprenticeship with him. Her shamanic training, as well as her subsequent work as a teacher of transformation and awareness, have provided her with both metaphysical and common sense perspectives on human behavior. She describes her teaching as ‘using knowledge to transcend knowledge’ and letting go of the personal and collective stories that keep us from seeing life as it is.

Barbara has written several nonfiction books and illuminating novels, including one based on her own experiences as a teenager living in Africa, titled The Red Clay of Burundi. Using Africa as a backdrop, Barbara speaks about the awakening consciousness of a young girl coming into womanhood. Her fictional stories tell of compelling personal odysseys, with thoughtful and poetic narratives.  A second book, Dreams of Mirabal, a book of fantasy and magical realism, tells of a young woman’s shamanic journey and the interaction between her and her charismatic teacher.

Barbara’s upcoming book, The Toltec Art of Life and Death, co-authored by don Miguel Ruiz, is a fanciful telling of the life and teaching of don Miguel.

Aside from writing books that encourage higher awareness, Barbara teaches students who are prepared to laugh and eager to build their personal reality out of authenticity. It has been her privilege to share a great wisdom for so many years, beginning with the basics of Toltec tradition and leading ultimately to the experience of a loving relationship with oneself and with life.