Barbara Emrys

The Art of Dreaming

toltec dreamingWe are dreaming all the time, whether in sleep or awake. The quality of our lives is determined by our willingness to take command of that dream and make it one of happiness and freedom from what we have come to know as reality. Awareness, or the ability to see life as it is rather than as we have been taught to interpret it, is the natural condition of a mind aware of itself, a mind no longer guided by knowledge and old patterns of behavior. Barbara’s workshops offer students a chance to dream, to hear themselves, and to end the habits that have made confusion and pain possible. Her insight and teaching offer the opportunity for absolute awareness, as she provides a loving process of discarding all that we have previously thought we were, in order to experience ourselves as infinite potential.

Barbara is currently holding day classes by appointment in San Diego and Los Angeles, Ca. She and her students also journey as a group to the ruins of Teotihuacan, Mexico, and to remote sites in the Yucatan. Anyone is welcome to participate in these wonderful excursions toward self-discovery!

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