Barbara Emrys

The Actor

by don Miguel Ruiz & Barbara Emrys

The Actor represents the first in a series of Mystery School books by don Miguel Ruiz and Barbara Emrys. Using a classroom setting, this fascinating course explores human behavior from the point of view of the artist. As a child, we learned to act out certain roles and we continue to play those roles, even now. Learn to rewrite the script of your life and to reclaim your authenticity, as you explore the most intriguing mystery of all: you!

Urano Publishing
Available for sale November 2020
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The Three Questions

by don Miguel Ruiz & Barbara Emrys

In this exciting new book, Miguel Ruiz and Barbara Emrys take us deeper into the workings of the human mind, presenting three essential questions to activate into our spiritual power: Who am I? What is real? How do I express love? The Three Questions takes us on another journey of discovery, showing ways to create a more awakened dream by transcending long-held beliefs about who we are.

The Three Questions offers compelling insights into the main character of our own story and the governing laws that control our reality. It invites us all to reconsider our basic definitions of love and to transform our world into the paradise it was meant to be. In the wonderful way of all Toltec Wisdom books, The Three Questions lifts the reader to yet another level of awareness and personal well-being!

HarperCollins Publishers
Available for sale June 2018
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Red Clay of Burundi

Red Clay of Burundi

The Red Clay of Burundi: Finding God, the Music and Me is an impassioned memoir of the years Barbara spent as a teenager in a small kingdom in central Africa during the 1960’s. This visually beautiful and poetic story offers moving insights about young love and human awareness, with a backdrop that includes the horrors of tribal genocide, President Kennedy’s funeral, and the exultation of a world just being introduced to the music of the Beatles.

This beautiful narrative follows the thought process of a young American girl, newly arrived in a breathtaking world of scent, sound, and stunning sensation. At first overwhelmed by the vibrant force of life in all things, she retreats fearfully within herself. With time, she blends into the culture, and her own life-force prevails. She is intrigued by the nature of people her age, whatever their culture, and inspired by the commonality of all human hearts.

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The Toltec Art of Life and Death


The Toltec Art of Life and Death is an inspiring account of the life and teachings of don Miguel Ruiz, the author of many best-selling books about self-discovery and a spiritual guide to thousands of apprentices. Before he wrote The Four Agreements, his first global bestseller, he was well known as a shaman and the descendant of a distinguished lineage of spiritual warriors leading back to the Aztec tribes of ancient Mexico. In this literary collaboration with Barbara Emrys, don Miguel tells the story of his life before shamanism and of his emergence as a master of Toltec wisdom.

Much more than an intriguing look at the history of a wise and passionate man, The Toltec Art of Life and Death offers profound lessons on spiritual awakening and indestructible love. Readers of this rich and entertaining story are invited to dream their lives with new awareness, as they are shown the Toltec warrior’s way back to personal freedom, fulfillment, and authenticity.

HarperCollins Publishers
Available for sale October, 20015
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Sonja has come to the ocean at sunset to break her
attachment to all she had once believed. As evening
turns to resplendent night, she dreams of her childhood
as a brujita, a maker of magic. In sleep she recalls
how her pure communion with life was contaminated
by the beliefs of her tormentors –
a young husband and his fiercely religious mother
– both of whom feared and envied her power.
Sonja also remembers the day she met a mysterious
man named Mirabal, who guided her to an
acceptance of truth and the greater meaning of
love. This is their story of revelation through dreams
and romantic enchantment. This is the story of
love’s great victory over fear.

Dreams of Mirabal describes a shamanic journey into awareness and personal power. Listen to the voices of birds, animals and insects in this story and see if you do not recognize the universe of your own mind. In this beautiful book Barbara Emrys writes about that universe, about the mastery of love and the final mastery of death.
~ Miguel Angel Ruiz
Author, The Four Agreements

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