Barbara Emrys


The Gadget

from Barbara Emrys Did you ever stop and ask yourself why you’re afraid, even when things are going well? And why do you get so cranky and combative in certain situations? We all accumulate a lot of poison– poison that…

Shock and Awe

This past brought me another birthday, and even more reasons to celebrate. Birthdays are fun; but I enjoy the company of people I love, no matter the occasion. I enjoy little ceremonies of appreciation between people. I enjoy springtime rituals,…

Detox, Anyone?

I’ve been hearing a lot about cleansing diets lately. It’s that time of year, I guess– time to organize drawers and clear out closets. It’s time to sweep the house and prepare the garden. It also time to detox the…

Another Happy Birthday!

You’ve heard the old saying, “Youth is wasted on the young.” It makes a lot of sense. It does seem unfair that so many blessings should be lavished on the ones who take them for granted. It seems illogical to hand serious life choices to those who probably lack the wisdom to choose well.