Barbara Emrys


Another Happy Birthday!

You’ve heard the old saying, “Youth is wasted on the young.” It makes a lot of sense. It does seem unfair that so many blessings should be lavished on the ones who take them for granted. It seems illogical to hand serious life choices to those who probably lack the wisdom to choose well.

Drowning in Love

Lately I’ve noticed how eager people are to associate self-love with obnoxious behavior. I’ve heard a few people criticize ‘this perverse celebration of self-love’ as the reason there’s so little compassion in the world. They blame self-love for the open…

Victory in Surrender

As you read over these blog posts, you’ll come upon the word ‘surrender’ now and then. Surrender typically means relinquishing power and control. That’s how we’re used to defining the word; surrender calls for us to admit defeat and throw…

The Art of Flight

The human dream is structured and restrictive. Our physical bodies are by nature restrictive. Being a part of a social group, with its many rules and accepted standards,  limits us. Thinking and acting the way everyone else thinks and acts…